KFC’s NEW Gravy Burger: Is It Yummy Or Is It Gravely Gimmicky?

For the KFC gravy-obsessed!
We review KFC's new Gravy Burger.
We review KFC's new Gravy Burger.

It’s become an inside joke for those who frequently dine in KFC to use the fast food chain’s delicious gravy as sarsa or sabaw for their chicken rice meal. Back in the good ol’ days, KFC still had gravy dispensers which made it easy to achieve it, but nowadays, if you’re dining in, you have to go up to the counter to have a gravy refill.

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Hinging on the popularity of its gravy, KFC launches an interesting item on its menu: Gravy Burgers. Here’s our unbiased review of the limited-edition item:

KFC launches new Gravy Burgers

You know it’s the Zinger if the chicken is crunchy!
Photo by Bea Faicol

The anatomy of KFC’s Gravy Burgers starts off with the soft brioche buns, and then the inner part of the bottom bun has a layer of Gravynnaise (gravy and mayonnaise), an Original Recipe chicken fillet, cheese, and a hashbrown. What makes it special is that it comes with a side of KFC gravy which you need to pour over the hashbrown, which is the topmost filling of the burger when you remove the top bun.


There’s also a Zinger Gravy Burger version which is a slightly spicier version. This uses the Zinger chicken fillet instead of the Original Recipe chicken fillet.

KFC’s Gravy Burgers: Is it good or are you just obsessed with KFC gravy?

With KFC’s Gravy Burgers, the chicken fillet, the hashbrown, and the brioche buns are not the stars of the show. It’s first and foremost the gravy. And while there’s nothing new about it, KFC’s new Gravy Burgers is a different way to appreciate the no-fail chicken-gravy combination, from the usual rice meal into burger form.

Let’s face it. If you’re obsessed with gravy, you’ll always look for it with fried chicken. And KFC’s Gravy Burgers creatively creates and ingeniously satisfies that specific need (simultaneously!) when it comes to its chicken sandwiches. 

We know you’re all wondering if it’s messy, so we’ll get straight to it: Yes, but it’s a beautiful kind of a mess (the food porn kind!) and surprisingly, not as messy as you’d think. The gravy gets absorbed by the hashbrown and the brioche bun so the gravy doesn’t get all over your fingers that much. Do take note that the mess is directly proportionate to how much gravy you put in. The more gravy you add, the messier and saltier it will get.

This is what happens if you put too much gravy in one go! It’s messy but it’s still good!
Photo by Bea Faicol

If you’re the type that makes soup out of KFC gravy, you won’t find satisfaction with the small gravy cup that comes with the burger. You’ll definitely need to order an extra gravy serving if you’re having it delivered or ask for more from the counter if you’re dining in. 


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We find it unnecessary to order fries on the side, given that there’s already hashbrown, aka the Hashcup, sandwiched in between the buns. So maybe, if you’re ordering the Gravy Burger Combo, you can go for another side dish! Go for something that’s not salty like coleslaw, buttered corn, or macaroni salad.

How to order KFC’s new Gravy Burgers

The Gravy Burger costs P165/solo, but you can also get the Gravy Burger Combo (P230) and the Gravy Burger Fully Loaded Meal (P285) if you want something heavier.

Since the Gravy Burgers were launched earlier this month, these items are already available in stores and for delivery. You can check KFC’s delivery website for more information. 


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