KFC Has Three NEW Spicy + Cheesy Snacks On The Menu

If you love Mexican food, you should give these a try!

Are you always looking for more spicy food options in fast food chains? Well, KFC is expanding its spicy offerings from its spicy chicken rice meals and spicy chicken burgers with THREE new spicy, cheesy snacks on the menu: the Cheesy Chili Con Famous Bowl, Cheesy Chili Con Twister, and the Cheesy Chili Con Junior Bucket of Fries.

Photo by Facebook/KFC

The Cheesy Chili Con Famous Bowl is made with KFC's creamy mashed potatoes and topped with chili con carne that's made with a tomato base, black beans, velvety cheese, and, to make it more filling, corn kernels! If you want something on the meatier side, the Cheesy Chili Con Twister is a better option for you! This wrap uses a flour tortilla that's loaded with chili con carne, cheese sauce, buttered corn, and Hot Shots, KFC's boneless, bite-sized spicy chicken.

Plus, if you want a spicy, cheesy snack you can share, there's the Cheesy Chili Con Junior Bucket Fries! This snack is made with KFC's signature Crispy Fres, drizzled with thick chili con carne and cheese sauce. 

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The Cheesy Chili Con Famous Bowl (P85/solo and P100/meal), Cheesy Chili Con Twister (P118/solo and P163/combo), and the Cheesy Chili Con Junior Bucket of Fries (P99) are available in stores and for delivery! You can also have these delivered by ordering any of these via the KFC website, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. 



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