These Are The Four NEW Dishes Included In KFC's Secret Menu


The secret's out--KFC has four main offerings included in their Secret Menu: the KFC Double Zinger, KFC Sloppy Shots, KFC Naked Twister, and KFC Colonel's Belgian Bites.

The Double Zinger is your typical spicy Zinger sandwich but double the Zinger patties so it's spicier and more filling, while the Naked Twister removes the classic tortilla wrap (hence the "Naked") and turns it into a deconstructed version of the California Twister. This version includes chicken shots, mango bits, cucumber, mayonnaise dressing, and fresh vegetables.

The KFC Sloppy Shots is somewhat like a distant sister of the Famous Bowl in the sense that it has all the things we love about KFC in one bowl. This new secret menu item includes KFC's fries, corn kernels, grated cheese, and Fun Shots slathered in their famous gravy.

Dessert is also included in the secret menu! The KFC Colonel's Belgian Bites is a bucket of a dozen bite-sized donuts filled with Belgian chocolate filling and then coated with more chocolate.


Excited to try KFC's Secret Menu? There's a catch. These four secret menu items are exclusively available via the KFC website, the KFC app, GLife, or their hotline at 887-8888 only. Hopefully, these will be available for dine-in customers too!


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