It's Confirmed: Your Favorite KFC Sides Are Now Available In Huge Platters!

And you can have it delivered!

We've all been there-either you've been in the office too long or you and your group are expecting to pull an all-nighter of some kind, and someone (or the voice in your head) says, "Order tayo KFC." It's not a thought that's easily resisted once voiced. It's even easier to cave now that they're delivering the Super Bucket Meal for P795, and you get to choose a Super Platter along with an eight-piece Bucket, drinks, rice, and the ever-essential gravy.


One of the choices for the Super Platter is the Famous Bowl. We know, of course, you're no stranger to it: it's KFC's five most popular sides with bite-sized chunks of crispy fried chicken, essentially promising to satisfy multiple cravings at once. It's peak 2006, voted the most popular product food product launch that year; given that it's still on the menu and how many countries it's reached since, it's safe to say that the vote was accurate.

But if you're not in the mood for a giant Famous Bowl, the Colonel's still got you covered: You can also choose between a Creamy Pasta Platter or a Spaghetti Platter to get the party going. Place your order by calling 8887-8888 or logging on to their website.

For more information, log on to KFC Philippines' Facebook page.

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