Put These 12 Kitchen Gadgets On Your Wish List!

These are the gifts that you may want to request this Christmas.

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We know the hassle of having to think of what to gift friends and family members every Christmas can be tiresome.

We've seen a few kitchen items that may help your friends and family come up with the perfect gift to give you this Christmas. These gifts are not only pretty, but each is also a practical gift, too. How can anyone say "no" to that?

So, here it is, a few gift ideas we think will help you choose what to put on your wish list - and maybe your friends and family, too! - this Christmas. 

This handheld spiralizer creates long strands of whatever vegetable you place in it.
Photo from Lazada.com.ph

If You're A Kitchen Newbie:

Many people take it as a challenge to learn to cook, and we think that's admirable. If you think you need some help on your journey to culinary success, one (or more!) of these gadgets may be what you might appreciate getting this Christmas. 

This silicone cone will prevent oil splatters. Goodbye, oil burns!
Photo from Fry Wall Official Website
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1 The Great Wall Against Oil Splatters 

If you are or know anyone who is afraid to fry or cringe every time oil splatters, this is the perfect gift to request. The Fry Wall is a cone that prevents the oil from splattering out and beyond the pan. Its walls are high enough that any oil which dares to splatter is blocked by a silicone cone you place in your frying pan. Since it's silicone, it's heat-resistant, durable, flexible, and dish-washing friendly. No splatter will turn you away from those golden brown and delicious fried foods again!  

The Fry Wall comes in 10- and 12-inch cones (P1,495 and P1,895 respectively) and is available at True Value stores. 

These tongs with slicing notches are also good for gripping cooked food, too.
Photo from lazada.com.ph

2 Tongs and An Easy Slicer Tool 

Know anyone who admires a chef's knife skills because they can't evenly slice a tomato? This tool will help you get those even slices. The tool is dual-purpose: use the tongs to pick up a tomato, set the tool's feet on a chopping board with the fruit firmly in its clutches, and then, slide the knife between the slicing grooves. You'll achieve perfect slices every time. When the prep work is done, use the tongs as you would any other: to pick up steamed buns for serving or pass salad greens to plate up your perfectly sliced vegetables.  

This tongs/slicer tool (P150 and up) is available on Lazada.

All this manual chopper needs to work is a few pulls to finely chop ingredients.
Photo from Progressive Official Website

3 A Manual Food Processor that Chops and Whips

Nothing beats a food processor when it comes to speed, and for a new cook, this can be a godsend. Chopping and whipping ingredients are two of the most time-consuming tasks in the kitchen. This manual version that doesn't need any electricity to function, so reward your gift giver with a homemade salsa or a dessert topped with the lightest whipped cream on top for their generosity. 

Progressive Prepworks Dual Speed Chop & Whip (P1,495) is on sale and is available at True Value stores.


A few twists and a few more turns creates noodles out of vegetables.
Photo by Lazada.com.ph

4 The Handheld Spiralizer

If you want to eat more healthily this coming year, why not sign yourself up for that challenge with this vegetable spiralizer which transforms vegetables into long strands of the freshest veggie noodles. Toss in with your favorite pasta salad and boom. A healthy and tasty meal is served. 

This spiral vegetable slicer is available on Lazada.com.ph.  

This baking liner is made of silicone so it's reusable.
Photo from Trudeau Official Website

5 The Reusable Baking "Paper" 

It's a crime really how much paper one uses in the kitchen, but sometimes, there are fantastic alternatives. One of those alternatives is this silicone mat. It's made of silicone, making it heat resistant up to 428 degrees F (220 degrees C), is water repellent so it's easy to wash, and slick enough that not even the stickiest caramel will stick to its surface. Plus, it's pretty, so you'll want to use it more often than parchment paper. 

Trudeau Baking Liner (P629.75) is available at SM Home, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.   

The bottom of the cold brewer is an insulated bottle you can take with you, so you can enjoy your brew anywhere, anytime.
Photo from Asobu Cold Brew Official Website

If You're A Coffee and/or Tea Drinker

We all know someone who loves coffee and/or tea. Then, there are those coffee and tea consumers who have gone beyond the store-bought varieties and have branched out to find and make their own brews. If you're one of them, list down one (or two!) of these gadgets on your wish list so you are well hydrated and sufficiently caffeinated for the rest of the season and the coming year. 

This cold brew brewer includes an insulated bottle for easy portability.
Photo from Asobu Cold Brew Official Website

6 The Artisan Cold Brewer

Cold brew has become more popular over recent years, and so has its price. If you're one of those people who loves or adores the ice-cold beverage, here is the ultimate brewer. It's got a canister on top which will brew the coffee. It detaches from the insulated bottle on the bottom, so it can easily be placed in the refrigerator while it slow brews the coffee grounds. Best part is that it takes just one touch to release the brewed coffee into the bottle below, and you can cart it away to enjoy anywhere as desired. 

The Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer (P3,795) is on sale and is available at True Value stores.

This coffee press is tiny enough to be portable, so you can have coffee wherever, whenever.
Photo from Jokari Coffee Press Official Website

7 The Mini Coffee Brewer

There's something about freshly brewed coffee that a 3-in-1 mix just can't beat. You know you're addicted to coffee when only the brewed version will do. That's why there are gadgets like this. It may be the tiniest coffee brewer around! It's got a mesh basket just enough to hold around 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Attach the plunger and dunk it into a cup of hot water like you would a tea infuser. A few minutes later, freshly brewed coffee right in your mug. Easy! 

The Jokari Coffee Press (P425) is on sale and is available at True Value stores.


Aren't these the most adorable tea infusers you've ever seen?
Photo from Joie Official Website

8 The One That Makes Home-Brewed Tea   

Tea infusers are the perfect gift for any tea lover who has moved away from the commercially bagged leaves and has moved on to the gourmet loose leaf variants. If this is you, you will need those loose leaves contained when brewing your beloved tea, and what is better than making sure it stays put than a guard puppy and a watchful owl? 

Joie tea infusers (P395 for the owl in teal green and magenta pink and P495 for the puppy) are on sale and available at available at True Value stores.

These conical coffee drippers are available in various colors and materials, including ceramic and heat-resistant plastic.
Photo from Hario Official Website

9 The Coffee That Slowly-But-Surely Drips

Only a true coffee lover can wait patiently for the water to soak through the mound of coffee grounds and then drip out of these conical coffee drippers into a waiting mug. If you are one of those resolute people, put one of these gorgeous and practical coffee drippers down on your wish list, and it could be waiting under the tree for you this Christmas.   

Hario Coffee Drippers (available in red, white, and clear colors and in either ceramic or heat-resistant plastic start at P325.75) are available at SM Home, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.   

This cheese fondue pot set is perfect for entertaining this holiday season.
Photo from Kela Official Website

If You Love To Entertain:

Not everyone who loves food is a cook or a baker. There are those who enjoy delicious food and it doesn't matter whether it comes in a box, ready to eat, or is cooked from scratch. Their concern is good food and sharing it with their loved ones. These are the items you might want this December.

This chocolate fondue pot is perfect for dunking fruits, cake, and candies into the melty chocolate.
Photo from Kela Official Website

10 The Pots That Melt Cheese and Chocolate

Whether you love melty, gooey cheese or adore the milky, smooth and decadent chocolate as a dip, these pots make perfect conversation pieces because it's always a wonder how it stays melted, remains gooey, and most important point of all, why it's so delicious and addicting? You and your family and friends will be dunking all night during the holidays if you get any of these fondue pot sets. 

The Kela chocolate fondue set (P 1,950 available in light teal and gray) and cheese fondue set (P4,650) are available in Rustan's department store, Edsa Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City.  


This knife is no ordinary butter knife.
Photo from That Inventions Official Website

11 The Ultimate Butter Knife 

If you cannot live without butter, in any aspect of your life, then you need this knife and should be on top of your Christmas wish list. The technology behind this butter knife is all in your hand - the heat of your hand, that is. Grip it, and let the warmth from your hand make every pass the knife does over the block of butter smooth as... butter. 

Spread That! butter spreader (P1,250) is available in Rustan's department store, Edsa Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City. 

This adorable white whale holds appetizer forks for you and your guests.
Photo from Lazada.com.ph

12 A Whale That Serves 

Adorable and whimsical, this white beluga whale holds appetizer forks in its blowhole. It's the cutest waiter of forks for the appetizers you'll be serving for guests while they nibble on what you've prepared. 

This white whale party fork holder (P297) is available on Lazada. 

These are just a few curated items we saw that we think you will not only want to have, but will also be useful to have. With a little wishful thinking and some nudging on your part, you may just get one of these wrapped up in a box come Christmas morning.   





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