Fun Kitchen Items That You Can Only Find in Daiso

There are lots of quirky kitchen finds in this budget-friendly shop.

Daiso, a Japanese franchise that brands itself as a 99-peso shop in the Philippines, is a gold mine for budget kitchen finds. Not only are they cheap—they are all unique in themselves and difficult to find anywhere else. Here are a few kitchen finds we spotted while strolling through the shelves of Daiso.



1 Ice cube molds

These aren’t your average ice cube molds! Daiso holds silicone molds that are star-shaped. The silicone helps in popping out you frozen ice cubes. You can use them for juice, coffee, or water and create fun summer drinks.



2 Popsicle molds

These popsicle molds are genius—they make it easy to sip up anything that melts down with a built-in straw. That means that they are 100% child-proof!  



3 Boiled egg timer

This timer helps you gauge what stage your boiled egg is in. You will get those perfect soft-boiled egg yolks every time.


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4 Cookie cutters

Daiso holds cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes: stars, hearts, animals, flowers, and more! The baker in you will be absolutely thrilled.



5 Bento tools

Bento-style packed lunches take lots of practice and lots of tools to make. Find everything you need in one place in this quirky shop, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a boss at baon!


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