Unexpected Kitchen Tools You Can Find in Japanese Stores

Check out these affordable finds from Miniso and Daiso Japan!

IMAGE Collage by Yummy.ph

Who doesn’t love walking around Japanese discount stores like Daiso Japan and Miniso and discovering reasonably priced items that are cute to boot? We did some kitchen shopping for you and found these affordable tools any homeowner can use. Check out our list and tick it off your shopping list!



A welcome addition to your kitchen (they come in pretty pastel colors, too!)
Ceramic knife and peeler, P149, Miniso



Brew your own pot in the comfort of your home.
Teapot, P149, Miniso


Want to make breakfast more fun? These would be perfect for pancakes or omelets! 
Cute pan, P88, Daiso Japan 



Always handy to have around in the kitchen.
Ceramic coated frying pan, P349, Miniso


This stand mixer is perfect for the newbie baker.
Stand mixer, P1799, Miniso



For your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate needs.
Electric kettle, Miniso



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Product photos from the Facebook page of Miniso and Daiso Philippines

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