How Much Do KitchenAid Products Actually Cost?

It really is an investment.

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If you spent the majority of the last three months finding your inner chef, then you've probably added a few kitchen appliances to your growing wish list. Air fryers, induction cookers, electric mixers-these are some of the tools we hope to see in our fancy kitchens someday. One brand most chefs-to-be covet is KitchenAid. Their products are classic and reliable, but also, a pricey investment.

There's a reason everyone talks about KitchenAid's stand mixers: They make baking so, so much easier. This KitchenAid 6 Quart Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, for example, can "make up to 13 cookies" per batch, boasting 10 mixing speeds. If you've ever baked anything in your life, you know just how impressive this is.

KitchenAid 6 Quart Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
KitchenAid 6 Quart Artisan Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

As expected, it comes with a hefty price tag: P33,935, to be exact. And that's already the discounted price; it originally cost P39,920!

Those attachments don't come cheap, either. A Wire Whisk is priced at P1,550; a Flat Beater, P3,060; and a Dough Hook, P4,395.

Now, say, you want a different KitchenAid appliance. Maybe you're a coffee person and nothing brings you more happiness than a full-bodied brew. Close your eyes and dream about this gorgeous KitchenAid french press (P6,720, down from P8,400):

KitchenAid 25oz Precision French Press
KitchenAid 25 oz Precision French Press with Integrated Scale and Timer
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Now, if you're more focused on finding quality cookware, they also have a three-layer nonstick skillet. Depending on the size you get, the price ranges from P1,450 to P2,450.

KitchenAid red aluminum nonstick pan or skillet
KitchenAid Aluminum Nonstick Skillet

But the real dream is this gorgeous tri-ply satin copper saute pan. Priced at P6,200, you can use it on all cooktop surfaces: electric, gas, and induction.

KitchenAid tri-ply Satin Copper Saute Pan
KitchenAid Tri-Ply Satin Copper Saute Pan with Lid

And if there are any bakers out there, KitchenAid has a five-piece set that consists of a 9″x9″x2″ square pan, 9″x5″x3″ loaf pan, 9″x13″x2″ cake pan, 12-cavity regular-sized muffin pan, and 10″ x 15″ x 1″ jelly roll pan. All for P3,995:

KitchenAid 5-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set
KitchenAid Nonstick Bakeware Set: Jelly Roll Pan, Muffin Pan, Cake Pan, Square Pan, Loaf Pan

So, which one are you saving up for? 

For more information, visit KitchenAid Philippines' website.

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