We Have A Guide To Korean Ice Cream

We can't get enough of Korean food!

Have you spotted a Korean grocery in your neighborhood or near your workplace? Even though they are usually smaller than supermarkets, they usually offer hard-to-find Korean food for a cheaper price. You can usually find unique instant ramen flavors, frozen Korean street food, flavored milk, bottled ice coffee, sweet chips, chewy candies, and our favorite for the summer, Korean ice cream

If you have ever rummaged through the ice cream freezer of a Korean supermarket, it's normal to be drawn to the pretty packaging, but at the same time, hesitant, for not really knowing what it is because of the Korean characters.

The next time you go on an ice cream run to your go-to Korean supermarket, use this guide to decide which ice cream you would like to indulge in: 

What's your favorite flavor of Melona?
Photo by Binggrae Melona

1 Melona


One of the most common Korean ice creams you can find in Korean groceries, supermarkets, and Korean barbecue joints is Melona. This sweet and fruity-flavored Korean ice cream bar became popular because of their melon flavor with a pastel green color and milky, melon taste. For those who want to try another flavor, they also offer strawberry, banana, mango, and coconut flavors.

Are you a fan of red bean? If so, you should try this!
Photo by Binggrae B-b-big

2 B-b-big


Red bean is a popular ingredient for desserts in Korea. You can find it in Patbingsu, mochi balls, and ice cream bars like B-b-big. B-b-big is a refreshing popsicle with a milky, sweet red bean flavor with actual whole red beans that add texture to the dessert.

This fish-shaped ice cream sandwich is delish!
Photo by Binggrae Samanco

3 Samanco


Another Korean ice cream known for its sweet red bean filling is Samanco. It's a fish-shaped wafer ice cream sandwich filled with vanilla ice cream and sweet red beans. The shape of this ice cream sandwich is inspired by a Korean winter street food called Bunggeo-pang, a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweetened red bean paste. If you want to try other flavors, Samanco also has strawberry, chocolate, and green tea flavors.

Power Caps are like a slurpee!
Photo by Binggrae Power Cap

4 Power Cap


What happens if you combine the refreshing quality of drinking soda and eating ice cream? You get Power Cap, a soda-flavored crushed iced candy. The packaging has a tube with a hook for easy opening. If you want more fruity soda flavors, the Power Cap Soda is also available in watermelon and banana flavors!

Frozen yogurt fans will love this dessert!
Photo by Binggrae Yomamte

5 Yomamte


For those looking for a healthier dessert this summer, Yomamte is a frozen yogurt ice cream on a stick. These healthy popsicles are made with real yogurt that is mixed with sweet fruits. Yomamte comes in three flavors: original, which doesn't have any fruits, and peach and strawberry.

It's hard to resist to take a photo of this cute watermelon popsicle!
Photo by Lotte Watermelon Bar

6 Subak


Watermelon Bars, or Subak, is a cute, vibrant-colored popsicle that looks like a slice of watermelon-one of the most popular summer fruits! This watermelon popsicle contains real watermelon juice and it also has "watermelon seeds" in chocolate peanut flavors that add a bit of texture.


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