Say Hello To Krispy Kreme's Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts!

Happy 82nd birthday, Krispy Kreme!

There's always a reason to celebrate-whether it's the smallest or the biggest achievements in life. Krispy Kreme, the brand that brought us Original Glazed Doughnuts, just celebrated its 82nd birthday last July 15. They're honoring another fruitful year with their limited-edition Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts.

Photo by Krispy Kreme Philippines

These stacked Original doughnuts are coated with three different premium flavors: bubblegum, strawberry, and white chocolate. What's a birthday cake if it doesn't look festive, right? These Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts are all individually drizzled with melted dark chocolate, dotted with rainbow sprinkles, and dusted with edible gold glitter dust.


A festive cake should always come in festive packaging! Krispy Kreme's Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts come in Krispy Kreme's first-ever Happy Box. 

Krispy Kreme's Mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts are available only until July 21 for only P149.


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