Krispy Kreme's Ube Donuts Are Only Available For A Short Time!

We're already sad that we can't have it forever.

Krispy Kreme just launched its limited edition Ube Cheesecake and Strawberry Banana doughnuts in honor of Mother's day. These new doughnuts will be gone after May 19 so you need to get them ASAP because they are delicious!

This ube cheesecake goes above and beyond the typical ube cake.
Photo by Jasper Castro

The Ube Cheesecake Of Your Dreams

Many ube cakes have failed at capturing the full-bodied, earthy, delectable, sweet flavor of ube-but not this one. This doughnut isn't just pretty in its signature ube color, but it actually celebrates purple yam and lets you enjoy it in so many ways with just one bite.

On top, there's the beautifully-piped rich, silky, ube cream with that distinct ube flavor. The doughnut itself is a baked ube cake that's dense, and moist-as perfect as any Krispy Kreme crueler is, but better thanks to its brilliant, gorgeous purple hue. The sides are then covered in a delicious, creamy ube jam that cements it as one of our favorite ube desserts. There's more at the bottom, though! The bottom of the doughnut is dipped in a rich, creamy white chocolate cream cheese glaze, that's then dipped on crunchy graham cracker crumble. All of this together, and you get a perfect bite each time.

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Be sure to bite into that burst of banana!
Photo by Jasper Castro

The Bright Strawberry Banana Filled Doughnut

Don't just stop at the ube doughnut, though. Their adorably pink Strawberry Banana donut is extremely delicious as well. The fragrant strawberry glaze on top, drizzled with premium dark chocolate, crunchy dark chocolate pearls, and roasted almond slivers are just the beginning. Bite into it and a bright, delicious, creamy, banana cream bursts into your mouth like a ray of sunshine.


You can drop by at any of their branches or order right now through Grab food,, or call 7-900. (P55; P165 for a box of 3; P330 for half a dozen).

Line up at any Krispy Kreme branch on May 12 and buy an Original Glazed for a mom next in line and they'll throw in one free doughnut for you!


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