Krispy Kreme Has Milk Tea Doughnuts

We hope whoever thought of these got a raise.

IMAGE Krispy Kreme Philippines

The holidays are well and truly upon us once again, and yet milk tea hasn't dropped in popularity. You could say they're benefiting from a snowball effect! Get it? Snow? Holidays? No? Okay. Our joke might be left out in the cold, but the people over at Krispy Kreme have never been the type to let a trend pass them by-and that's why they're out here with their Premium Wintermelon Glaze doughnuts. What a time to be alive, right?

Part of their Holiday Glam line, they come in two varieties: Wintermelon and Brown Sugar Glaze (P49)-the melt-in-your-mouth doughnut you know and love, only covered in wintermelon chocolate and brown-sugar swirls-and Wintermelon with Cream Cheese Frost (P55), a clear tribute to cheese tea.

You'd best hurry; these beauties are only available for a limited time!

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