Kumori’s New Cheese Cups Highlights Cookies & Cream And Coffee Flavors

Have a sweet tooth? You should try these!

Kumori's Fuwari Cheese Cups are already delicious as it is. It's soft, like biting into a cloud with a rich, dense flavor. But if you want more sweetness in your life or if you're not into plain cheese flavors at all, Kumori's Fuwari Cups are now available in two other flavors: Cookies & Cream and Coffee Crumble.


Similar to the original Fuwari Cheese Cups, the Cookies & Cream and the Coffee Crumble also have three layers. These two new flavors both have a crunchy crumble base made with cookies or coffee, a soft sponge cake in the middle, and a thick layer of cheese filling with bits of cookies or infused with coffee flavors!

Which one are you trying first?

Kumori's Fuwari Oreo Crumble and Coffee Crumble Cups are available in all Kumori branches. See the list of branches here.

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