Don't Miss Out On Kumori's NEW Japanese Doughnuts!

It pairs well with a cup of brewed coffee.

There's something completely satisfying about an uncomplicated doughnut. If you're a fan of simple, soft and moist doughnuts that have just the right amount of sweetness, you will enjoy Kumori's new Puffy-O doughnuts!

From left to right: Cheese Puffy-O, Banana Walnut Puffy-O, and Choco Caramel Puffy-O.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Kumori's new Puffy-O is a Japanese baked doughnut that comes in three flavors: Cheese, Banana Walnut, and Choco Caramel flavor. These moist sponge cakes are baked using rich buttermilk, fresh eggs, creamy butter, and fine wheat flour.

You can get an assorted box of Kumori's Puffy-O! Each box has two pieces of each flavor.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Kumori's Cheese Puffy-O has a mild cheese flavor (similar to the flavor of Japanese cheesecake) and has small bits of cheese in each bite. The Banana Walnut Puffy-O, which tastes and feels like a loaf of banana bread but is shaped like a doughnut! What we love about the Banana Walnut flavor is the crunchy bits of walnut you can find in every bite. 

Which flavor would you like to try first?
Photo by Bea Faicol

For those who love the classic chocolate-and-caramel flavor combo, the Choco Caramel Puffy-O is perfect. It's made with a moist chocolate cake-like texture with a caramel filling all around inside the doughnut. This is the sweetest of the three flavors, which could only mean pairing it with a cup of brewed coffee is a must!

Kumori's Puffy-O costs P46/piece and P276/box of six. 

For more information, follow Kumori Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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