Your Cheese Dreams Will Come True with La Petite Fromagerie

Have them at your next party and wow your guests.

IMAGE courtesy of La Petite Fromagerie

La Petite Fromagerie can make all your cheese dreams come true— think melty Raclette, a cheese fondue, and a grilled cheese buffet. From the same folks behind the Plaza Ham, La Petite Fromagerie offers a wide selection of cheeses to your celebration. The cheese selection includes Manchego, cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Gruyere, and Bridel. They also have Cacio e Pepe Fritelles on the menu, cheese fritters with the simple but delicious flavors of your fave cheese-and-pepper combo.



La Petite Fromagerie can customize your cheese spread, whether you want to go simple and stick to favorites or go all-out with your party spread.



Contact  La Petit Fromagerie at 0917-7912865 or [email protected]


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