There’s Something Extra Special About This Crema De Fruta Cake

Hint: it's in the cake.

You know it’s officially Christmas when a ton of canned fruit cocktail hit the grocery shelves. These canned fruits are commonly used for a sweet and easy fruit salad and of course, there’s the crema de fruta cake. A common crema de fruta cake is made with a sponge cake as its base, whipped cream or a smooth custard, and fruity gelatin on top. 

This Filipino fruitcake is a Filipino handaan staple, most especially during Noche Buena. But La Royale Patisserie is making it extra special, extra festive by introducing the Tres Leches De Fruita Cake.

Meet La Royale Patisserie’s Tres Leches De Fruta Cake!
Photo by Majoy Siason-Bascos

What you need to know

La Royale Patiserrie’s Tres Leches De Fruita Cake is made with the basic layers of a regular crema de fruta cake: sponge cake, custard, and gelatin with fruits. What makes this all the more delicious is that the crema de fruta layers are combined with another cake, the tres leches cake


For those who haven’t tried a tres leches cake, this type of sponge cake is soaked in three types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. This is known to be an extremely moist cake that sometimes leaves a milky puddle on your plate.

It’s like eating fruit salad cake ice cream!
Photo by Majoy Siason-Bascos

What we love about it

What’s not to love about a crema de fruta cake that’s also a tres leches cake? Not a thing! La Royale Patisserie’s hybrid cake makes a very decadent version of a crema de fruita cake. It’s almost like scooping a fruit salad cake ice cream out of a tub.

When it comes to flavors, this cake has a mild, light sweetness to it, mainly coming from the cubes of fruits. Since it is a tres leches cake, you can definitely taste the milkiness as well. It’s a light, refreshing dessert which is sometimes what one needs after a heavy main course during Noche Buena or any other handaan. 


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You can chill or freeze this dessert, but the best thing you can pair with this delicious fruit cake is a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. If you’re serving this late at night (during Noche Buena), you can opt to pair this with a glass of sangria.

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Where you can get it

The Tres Leches De Fruita Cake (P450) comes in a 6.5 inch-paper tub with a ribbon and a card, perfect for gift-giving this holiday. You can place your orders by messaging La Royale Patiserrie on Instagram.


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