Love Lumpia And Adobo? These Iconic Filipino Food Keychains Are For You!

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IMAGE Lakbay Museo

If you absolutely love Filipino food, then why not add a cute accessory that makes that statement? Lakbay Museo is an organization that offers tours that highlight the Philippines' rich culture. Apart from the tours, they also offer keychains that realistically look like iconic Filipino food that you can add to your bags, wallets, or car keys. Plus, these keychains are great conversation-starters, too!


Lakbay Museo's earlier designs include isaw, daing, chicharon, tuyo, fried chicken, adidas or chicken feet, bananacue, chicken adobo, ulo ng baboy pang-sisig, kwek-kwek, crispy pata, and adobong baboy. Their newer keychains include kikiam, fishball, squidball, betamax, pork barbecue, lumpiang shangai, chicken wings, and longganisa. All of Lakbay Museo's Filipino food keychains cost P149 and may be purchased online.

Lakbay Museo's keychains are available through their website's online shop.

For more information, follow Lakbay Museo on Facebook and Instagram.

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