Line Up At Restaurants And Buy Groceries? This App Will Do It For You

Skip the long lines!

There are two common responses whenever there's a new food craze or a new restaurant opens: "Let's try it out!" and "Let's wait until the hype dies down." If you're part of the latter, then you probably have to wait for weeks (sometimes, even months) or go during inconvenient hours to avoid the crazy, long lines. Thankfully, Lalamove can line up in restaurants and even buy your groceries on your behalf.

Have you tried Shake Shack's juicy burgers? You might have to line up for a minimum of 30 minutes to place your order.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Lalamove is a mobile application used for deliveries. Two of the convenient additional services you can use to make ordering food hassle-free is the Queueing Service, which lets the driver line up in an establishment to pick up, deliver, or process an item, and the Purchase Service or the Pabili Service, which lets them buy the item for you.

John Carlo Alarcon, the PR Lead of Lalamove, says, "As a multi-purpose delivery app, we do our best to make day-to-day delivery needs of every user our strength. From lining up for bill payments to food purchase, our queueing service is very useful and we would do our customers a disservice if we didn't offer this to them."

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Don't feel like lining up at Samgyupsalamat? Lalamove's Queueing Service is for you!
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How Lalamove's Queueing Service and Purchase Service Works:

After you have downloaded the Lalamove application (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play), click the Motorcycle option for the vehicle. There is an Additional Services section where you can tick the Queueing Service option and/or the Purchase Service option.

If you don't have the time to do your groceries, you should use Lalamove's Purchasing Services!
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If you want the Lalamove delivery personnel to wait in line for you without asking them to purchase the food, you should only tick the Queueing Service option. The Queueing Service feature is convenient for situations when you want to dine in an establishment that you know have regularly long lines-like Shake Shack and Samgyupsalamat. You can input the name of the establishment on both the pick-up and drop off location, and then meet the Lalamove delivery personnel in the establishment to pay for the charge.

If applicable, the Lalamove users will shoulder the parking fee of the delivery personnel.
Photo is a screenshot from the Lalamove app

If you want the food item delivered to your doorstep, the Purchase Service is the wisest option to choose. The Purchase Service feature is best for grocery shopping and restaurants that don't offer delivery services. You can input the pickup point as the location of the establishment, while the drop off point is where the food items should be received.

All purchases done through Lalamove's Purchase Service only allows purchases up to  P2,000 (with an additional P50 for the waiting time and P60/succeeding hour). In the instance that your grocery will exceed P2,000, it would be best to book two Lalamove trips using the Purchase Service. The first trip's pickup point should be your location so you can hand over the Lalamove delivery personnel the needed money and the drop off point should be the grocery, while the second trip should be the driver's delivery back to your place.

You can set up a maximum of 20 drop off points using the Lalamove app!
Photo is a screenshot from the Lalamove app

You can place your detailed order in the "Add notes to driver" section. But what makes Lalamove's services extra convenient, especially for people with a busy schedule, is that you can even schedule the pickup time to whenever is more convenient for you. 

What if you need to combine more than one services in one transaction? Don't worry! Alarcon says, "Users can combine services to fulfill their purpose. They can even set up to 20 drop-off locations!"

You can even schedule your pick up time when you use the Lalamove app!
Photo is a screenshot from the Lalamove app

You can download the Lalamove application through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Lalamove's services are only available in Metro Manila (as far as Bulacan, Antipolo, and Laguna) and Metro Cebu.

For more information, visit Lalamove's official website.


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