Score Kitchen Appliances Up to P1,800 Off At Landers

Check out some of the items you can shop!

Now that you spend most of your days at home, it's a great time to be improving your cooking skills. One simple way to do so is by making sure you have the tools and appliances that will not only level up your kitchen expertise, but also make the cooking process quicker and easier. This can be a pricey undertaking, but here's where you can shop some kitchen appliances for less: Landers has several appliances on sale. We spotted some cool finds you get for up to P1,800 off!

Check out some of the discounted items you can shop:

Photo by Rusell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs Chalkboard Slow Cooker

P1,749.75 from P3,499.75

There are all kinds of recipes you can make using a slow cooker like paella, meat balls, beef stew, and even cake. This one from Russell Hobbs will be extra fun to use when whipping up your next meal because of its sleek, matte black finish, which allows you to write on the pot using chalk. You can leave a label to let your family know what's for dinner, jot down recipe reminders to yourself, or even just scribble some cute notes for fun.

Photo by Philips
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Philips Daily Collection HD2103 Electric Pressure Cooker

P5,399.75 from P6,899.75

A pressure cooker is known to speed up cooking time by allowing your food to be exposed to higher temperatures compared to traditional methods, so it's great for when you're making meals (particularly meat) in a hurry. It works by way of expelling air from the pot once it's tightly sealed. This process traps the steam produced from the boiling liquid inside, which is what makes the temperature get very hot. You can shop this Philips pressure cooker at P1,500 off if you've always wanted to try one. If you need help when you first use it, you can check out this handy guide.

Photo by Brikk

Brikk BEOGR45SS Electric Oven

P4,599.75 from P6,399.75

If you don't have the space for a large oven for your baking needs, this compact oven from Brikk would be a handy alternative for your kitchen. It has all the standard settings you would see on a large oven like temperature control, timer, and a heat selector that lets you decide which part of the oven the heat comes from whether upper, lower, or both.

Photo by American Home

American Home Microwave Oven AMW-DC23LB

P4,399.75 from P5,259.75

We probably don't need to tell you just how convenient it is to own a microwave, which is known to cook or heat up almost anything in a fraction of the time and effort other methods would require. If you've been wanting a new one for your home, you can shop this American Home microwave for less than P4,500.

Photo by Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 31334-PH 4-Slice Easy Rech Toaster

P2,699.75 from P3,199.75

For warming up fresh toast in the morning or reheating leftover pizza, count on this toaster from Hamilton Beach. It has a cool roll-top door, which opens upwards instead of outwards, thus freeing up a little space on your countertop. The wide opening also makes your food much easier to reach.

Photo by Philips

Philips Food Processor 1.5 L

P4,599.75 from P6,199.75

This food processor from Philips will be a lifesaver in the kitchen if you like getting things done quickly and with no fuss. It's great for speeding up tasks like cutting vegetables, grinding or shredding food items, blending up soups and dips, and more.

You can shop Landers online or check out any of their branches.


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