Mark Your Calendars For Landers’ Last Big Sale For 2019!

Are you ready?

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Christmas and 2020 are just a few days away and you know what that means: Christmas sales and end-of-the-year deals are upon us!

One of the earlier sales is Landers Superstore, who  is going to have their last big sale of the year with the Landers Super Crazy End of Year Sale that will happen from November 27 to December 1, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. As with any Super Crazy Sales go, there will be buy-1-get-1 promos and discounts up to 50% off.


A few of the confirmed grocery food items that will be part of the Landers Super Crazy End of Year Sale are the Mariani Breakfast Prunes (from P130 to P75); Asolo Dolce's Savoiardi or ladyfingers (from P180 to P91) and Dani Sal Rosa and Himalaya Salt (from P300 to P150).

The Landers Super Crazy End of Year Sale is only open to members. If you haven't, sign up for a membership at Lander's official website so you can prepare for the awesome deals!

For more information, follow Landers Superstore on Facebook and Instagram.

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