Here’s How You Can Use Honey, From Appetizers To Desserts

Add sweet flavors to your dish!

Honey, despite its more expensive price tag, is considered to be one of the healthier substitutes for granulated sugar. In grocery supermarkets, you can find an aisle mixed with local and imported honey.

Langnese, pronounced as lang-neys, is a famous imported honey brand from Germany that comes in a distinct hexagonal, honeycomb cell-shaped jar. 

The Langnese brand has been in local supermarkets since 2017 and they are the first one to introduce a range of honey flavors in the Philippine market. Ramon Daez, General Manager of Fly Ace Corporation, says, “Fly Ace Corporation is committed to bringing the best of the world’s food and beverages to every Filipino home, and we are excited to be the first to introduce a wide variety of flavors here in the Philippines.”

There are five Langnese flavors available in the Philippines.
Photo by Langese Philippines

There are five different Langese flavors available in the Philippines, namely Golden Clear, Acacia, Wild Flower, Black Forest, and Wild Lavander. All of these flavors are ideal for tea, but there are really different ways in which you can easily incorporate honey into your appetizer, dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Langese Philippines partnered with The Wholesome Table to showcase dishes that use all five flavors of the honey. This Wild Flower honey-marinated salmon is drizzled with miso-glaze.
Photo by Langese Philippines

The Golden Clear honey is Langnese’s classic flavor is one that is ideal for dips and salads that have acidity to it so that the honey can balance it out, while the Wild Flower honey is best as a substitute for maple syrup on pancakes or to add sweetness to your bowl of cereal. 

This appetizer dish prepared by The Wholesome Table highlights Langnese’s Acacia honey by incorporating it in the dip of the calamari.
Photo by Langese Philippines

The Acacia and the Lavander both have a distinct floral flavor which makes it ideal for tea, salad, and as a glaze to your choice of meat, while Langnese’s Black Forest honey has a darker color and is the least sweet out of the five. Similar to the Acacia flavor, the Black Forest is ideal for cereals and breakfast staples.


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Depending on your preference, you can use your favorite Langnese honey on anything, but it is important to note that because honey is scientifically-proven to be a healthier option to granulated sugar, it is still required to take it in moderation.

Langnese selection of honey, namely the Golden Clear, Wild Flower, Acacia, Black Forest, and Wild Lavander are now available in supermarkets nationwide.

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