This Swirl-All-You-Can Milo Soft Serve Is Only P50

This is nostalgic!
Convenience store Lawson teams up with Milo to launch the Milo Swirl Cups.
Convenience store Lawson teams up with Milo to launch the Milo Swirl Cups.

Lawson has continuously launched interesting items, from the 99-peso Swedish Meatball meal, a 99-peso Thai pandan chicken meal, a 117-peso liempo meal, to a 130-peso lechon paksiw meal. A recent addition to the long list is not another rice meal, but a dessert. Meet Lawson’s new Milo Swirl Cups.

Lawson With Milo Introduces The Milo Swirl Cups

Lawson has teamed up with Milo to launch the Milo Swirl Cups. This uses the chocolate-flavored malted powder and turns it into a soft-serve treat. It’s only available for a limited time, so if there’s a Lawson convenience store near you, cross your fingers that the Milo Swirl Cup is available!

If you’re lucky and it is available, here’s what happens when you order one: The Lawson employee will give you an empty cup, around four to five inches tall, and a wooden spoon. Since the Milo Swirl Cup is self-service, you need to go to the soft-serve machine (specifically, the one that has the “Milo Swirl Cup” label) and pull down the lever.

Look for the “Milo Swirl Cups” sign!
Photo by Bea Faicol

The Milo soft serve comes out of the machine, so make sure your cup is under it to receive it. It’s best to hold the cup with your free hand, so should you miscalculate the cup placement, you can easily adjust.

Unlimited Nostalgia In A Cup

You kind of expect nothing special about a Milo-flavored soft serve. Once you’ve tried Milo-flavored ice cream, it feels like you’ve tried them all. What’s the point, right? But that wasn’t the case for Lawson’s Milo Swirl Cups.

What we loved about it is that it doesn’t skimp on the Milo flavor. When you melt powdered Milo in hot water, it can taste a little bland if you don’t add a sweetener, but with the Milo Swirl Cups, you can definitely taste the chocolate of the Milo and the sweetness of the soft serve in every lick! 


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Photo by Bea Faicol

Another thing that made us fall in love with the Milo Swirl Cup is that it’s swirl-all-you-can for a fixed amount of P50. Even if you’re given a small cup, you can swirl the soft serve as tall as you can. Just make sure it won’t fall over!

Where To Buy Milo Swirl Cups

Lawson’s Milo Swirl Cups costs P50 per cup. These are available in select Lawson convenience stores for a limited time only.

Photo by Bea Faicol

Just in case you didn’t know, Lawson also has Ice-Blended Milo, if you want more Milo! But if we had to play favorites, we definitely prefer the Milo Swirl Cups more than the Ice-Blended Milo.



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