These Kitchen Items Are The Sweet Deals You Need To Score At The Lazada 11.11 Sale

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Bargain deals will always have a place in our hearts and this year's Lazada 11.11 sale is no different. From the dream items you've been eyeing as your gift for yourself this Christmas to the every day items that you might take for granted, there are deals to be had at the November 11 sale. 

When the clock strikes midnight on this day, watch out for some of the best deals you can find online. Here is a sneak peak of some kitchen items that we thought would come in handy knowing about before the big day: 

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1 Kitchen Towels 

Price: P12 from P29

You can never have enough kitchen towels and these promise to be very absorbent. The best part of this deal is that these only cost P12 from P29! You can't beat this already jaw-dropping bargain. 

Luckin mart multi-function dish towel dual side towel kitchen cleaning cloth

Photo by Lazada
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2 Oven Thermometer and Digital Meat Thermometer

Price: P133 from P290 (oven thermometer)

P156 from P499 (digital meat thermometer)

We have always said that the best way to make sure that your food and meat are perfectly cooked is by make sure that you are cooking at the right temperature and to take your food's temperature. If you still don't have a reliable oven or meat thermometer, now is the best time to test out our theory and try it yourself with these deals.

This oven thermometer is only P133 from P290 while this affordable digital meat thermometer is merely P156 from a whopping P499. (The meat thermometer is on sale even after 11.11!) You'll find that with these two little gadgets, you'll be cooking better in minutes. 

Delish oven thermometer and Upgraded Kitchen Digital Food Thermometer Meat Cake Candy Fry Food BBQ Dinning Temperature Household Cooking Thermometer 

Photo by Lazada

3 Refrigerator Food Containers 

Price: P183 from P490

Just like you can't have enough towels to use in the kitchen, you can't have enough food containers to use to store your leftovers and other food. These make great food containers because not only are these airtight, washable, and reusable, these just solved your food and prep storage problems since these comfortably stack on top of each other. These large containers go for P183 during the sale from P490 each. What a deal! 

Refrigerator Food Container Crisper Thin Refrigerator Storage Box, Food Storage Lunch Boxes For Storing Fresh Food

Photo by Lazada

4 Insulated Stainless Steel Bowls

Price: P42 from P55

There are many glasses that are touted to be insulated so it shouldn't be a surprise that bowls can be insulating, too. These double-insulated stainless steel bowls are gorgeous bowls that perfectly hold your rice and keep it warm, too. Best part is one bowl is a mere P42 from P55 each for the 14-cm (6-inch) bowls. These also come in two smaller sizes (13 and 12 cm respectively). Plus, the seller assures you that the bowls are thickly lined. 


Photo by Lazada

5 Philips Air Fryer 

Price: P9,498 from P18,995

One the biggest deals you can score at this year's sale is this air fryer. Originally priced at P18,995, it's going for almost half the price at P9,498! This does all the things that any other air fryer can do but with the assurance that this is the real deal that you can purchase on installment from Lazadamall. If you've ever dreamed of an air fryer in your home, this is the time to treat yourself and get your kitchen this modern piece of kitchen equipment. 

Philips HD9238 Air Fryer 

Photo by Lazada

6 KitchenAid Standard Stand Mixer 

Price: P17,245 from P24,635

Another deal you need to take advantage of is this classic KitchenAid Mixer. Any baker will know the value of a sturdy and durable mixer, and this is one of those brands that have proven its worth over time. This is on sale on Lazadamall for only P17,245 from P24,635. That's almost a P7,000 worth of savings! 

KitchenAid 4.5Qt / 4.6L Classic Mixer 220V with Coated Flat Beater, Coated C-Dough Hook, Wire Whisk, and 4.5Qt Stainless Steel Work Bowl- Made in USA

Photo by Lazada

7 Kyowa 60L Electric Oven 

Price: P4,200 from P6,000

When it comes to ovens, not everyone is keen on getting one but at this sale, you may have to change your mind. This is one big oven that can fit more than one whole chicken in it, and it's almost the price of one that's half its size! At only P4,200 from P6,000, this is a big oven that can finally make your baking and roasting dreams come true. This type of deal doesn't come around often so grab it while you can. 

Kyowa KW-3338 Electric Oven with Rotisserie 60L

Photo by Lazada

8 Dowell 2-Burner Induction Stove 

Price: P8,495 from P11,245

Small kitchen appliances will always be a great deal to score at sales and this stove is no different. Backed by a brand that made a name for itself in kitchen appliances, this stove is a fantastic substitute for the gas burner. Plus, with two burners, you can effectively and more efficiently cook your family's meals in record time. 

Dowell IC-51TC Double Burner Cooktop Induction Cooker


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