11 Kitchen Items You Shouldn’t Miss At The Lazada 11:11 Sale!

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You've probably marked your calendars and set your alarm for all the online sales happening this weekend. The best gameplan? Search for items you need, add to your cart, and when the clock strikes 12 midnight, all you have to do is check them out. 

If you're looking to add shiny new items to your kitchen, we found some items from Lazada worth adding to your cart (The one-day sale happens on November 11!): 

1 Korean barbecue grill

P1,757 from P3,400 (48% OFF!)

Have you always dreamed of hosting your own Korean barbecue at home? You can roast, stir-fry, sauté, steam, or barbecue your favorite dish and make pizza in this multi-functional grill! Plus, you can also use it as your buffet server to keep the food warm!

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Slow cooker


P812.91 from P2,500 (67% OFF!)

How can you make a serving of bulalo extra delicious? A slow cooker can produce more flavors than you normally won’t get if you’re rushing to cook a dish. This appliance is also ideal if you want a tastier chowder, beef stew, chili con carne, fajitas, and lasagna!

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Personal blender

P1,000 from P1,690 (41% OFF)

If you’re always on the go and have a smaller space, a personal blender will come in handy. You can blend and drink your breakfast smoothie and high protein shakes in one container!

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Insulated tumbler


P399 from P999.75 (60% OFF!)

Purchase an insulated tumbler if you don’t want your hot coffee and your iced tea to become lukewarm! This type of tumbler will keep your drinks warm or cold for you for hours until you need your next cup.

Rice cooker

P799 from P899 (13% OFF!)

Dishes like adobo, sinigang, and menudo aren’t the same with a cup of rice. This rice cooker comes in the perfect size, so you don’t cook too much nor too little. 

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P135.15 from P699 (81% OFF!)

Chopping and mincing can seem like a tedious task–especially when it comes to onions! You can save a lot of time (and your tears) with a speedy chopper that can help you slice vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Plus, you can also mince or grind your meat if you want to make a bilao of siomai!

Make siomai at home!

Food containers or baonan!

P592 from P739 (20% OFF!)

Not a lot of containers can handle extreme temperatures, which is crucial if you don’t want to ruin the container. You can store your food in these leak and odor-free containers that are safe to use in microwave ovens and freezers!

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Spice rack


P1795 from P3990 (55% OFF!)

Do you love adding different kinds of herbs and spices to your meat? Keep your kitchen clean and organized with a rack that can fit 20 spices!

This noodle soup uses fresh ingredients to make a flavorful broth.

Non-stick pan

P325 from P1,299 (75% OFF!)

A non-stick pan is a kitchen must-have! It would be best to use non-stick pans if you want to cook your food without worrying if any charred bits will stick to the pan.

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You can stop worrying and just cook.

10 Silicone kitchen utensils


P499 from P1,298 (66% OFF!)

Seven pieces for P499? That’s totally not a bad offer for a whole set of silicone kitchen utensils! These can handle extreme temperature changes and are easier to clean!

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11 Decorating kit

P360 from P1,266 (72% OFF!)

This cake decorating kit includes 24 icing tips, two flower nails, 2 reusable plastic couplers, and a silicone pastry bag. Whether you're new to baking or not, purchasing this kit brings you one step closer to achieving beautiful pastries!

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More from Yummy.ph

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