You Can Customize Your Own Lechon Platter At This Food Stall

Just when you thought lechon couldn't get any better!

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Follow the long lines in any Filipino handaan and you would most likely discover that it's to get a share of perfectly-roasted lechon (suckling pig). Similarly, when you arrive at The Grid at the Powerplant Mall, the latest food hall in town— most of the people lining up is because of the customized lechon plate at Le Chon. Their sinfully delicious lechon dishes are a modern take on our favorite comfort food cooked using French cooking techniques (hence the French play on the word "lechon"). 


In just five easy steps, you can create your very own dream lechon platter. Here’s how you do it: 


The best thing about Le Chon's porchetta is how the skin is so crunchy and well-seasoned.


First thing’s first, you have to pick your choice of lechon: choose from lechon porchetta (P350), lechon Angus beef belly (P495), lechon manok (P299), or their new lechon tuna steak (P370). To add a little bit of flavor to your lechon, you can choose from their selection of rubs. You can opt for the original flavor, tanglad butter, sugar cane gata (coconut milk), or the truffle at bawang (garlic).


Side dishes include kamote fries, banana cue chips, or grilled talong with baba ganoush! We highly recommend the grilled talong for its aromatic, smoky flavors that pairs perfectly with creamy and slightly sweet baba ganoush.


Besides the different side dishes, rice, and sauces you get to choose from, each plate is served with Le Chon's own version of atsara (pickled papaya) and a mix of vibrant vegetables.


And even though this succulent pig is flavorful as it is, a lechon meal is truly never complete without a huge bowl of rice and lechon sauce. Choose between Le Chon's original butter rice or the sexy brown rice. As far as lechon sauces go, a serving of their lechon sauce is provided, and to compliment it, you can pair it with the labuyo (bird's eye chili) lime or adobo white sauce.



There are so many lechon platter possibilities so this is a perfect reason to keep coming back for another plate. We guarantee this: after your first crunchy and juicy bite of their lechon, the inevitable long lines will no be longer be difficult to bear. 


Le Chon is located at The Grid, R2 Level Expansion, Power Plant Mall, Makati. For more information, follow The Grid on Instagram.



This recipes makes use of a turbo broiler, cutting cooking time to less than two hours.

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Nothing says, "it's the holidays" quite like succulent lechon.

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You can satisfy your craving for crispy lechon kawali no matter what appliance you have in the kitchen.


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