What You Need To Know About The "Lechon Package" Scandal In Cebu

"Afford ko ang mga party at ito and pinaka-dugyot na party ever," Hofileña said on video.

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A birthday celebration held in Cebu went viral after a food supplier shared a video of her allegedly trespassing into a party of her customer, demanding the due payment of the food ordered.

Marjorie Abastas, the food supplier, posted the now-viral video on her Facebook account. In the video, Abastas is seen demanding the unpaid balance of P10,200 from customer Maria Amy Hofileña.

The food Hofileña ordered included 30 kilos of lechon, eight side dishes, and two trays of fruits-all priced at P18,800. The eight "side dishes" that are more like ulam are chicken cordon bleu, spaghetti, menudo, chopsuey, kinilaw guso, 100 pieces of lumpia, kinapusan, and asado manok.

Hofileña made a downpayment of P9,000, which leaves her with an unpaid balance of P9,800 that is to be settled upon delivery.

This prompted Abastas to go to Hofileña's house, together with barangay police offers, so they could settle the issue but later caused quite a commotion. It came to a point that Hofileña even tried-but failed, to slap Abastas with escabeche.


Why did she refuse to pay?

In a report by Cebu Daily News (CDN), Hofileña refused to pay for the total amount because she was not satisfied with the food that was delivered to her. She ordered food for 50 to 60 people, but what arrived was only good for 20 people.

Hofileña even said on video that "Afford ko ang mga party at ito and pinaka-dugyot na party ever" and "Tingnan niyo yung binigay niyong food, worth P5,000 lang."

The report also mentions that Hofileña brought up her concern to the driver who delivered the food and told her that there was a mistake in the amount of food delivered and that her order is still on the way. Hofileña then told the driver to just leave the food with her as they wait for her order to arrive and so that she can have something to feed her guests in the meantime.

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In an interview Abastas did on radio show Raffy Tulfo In Action, she says that because of Hofileña's refusal to pay the amount, the driver told Hofileña that the food delivered was wrong so they can pull out. 

According to CDN, Hofileña wanted to settle and compromise, but Abastas started to get mad when Hofileña started to ask for an official receipt. As seen on the video, Hofileña even threatened her that she'll tell the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) about it.

Abastas also threatened to take back the food that was delivered if she did not pay the full amount.

Filing cases

Hofileña has filed charges against Abastas for unjust vexation, oral defamation, and trespassing. She has also asked help from the Anti-Cybercrime Unit for the video that Abastas posted online, explaining that Abastas' actions were malicious.

On July 29, 2021, the issue was also discussed on a radio show Raffy Tulfo In Action. As of writing, there are already three videos uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Raffy Tulfo In Action: the first has 2.9 million views, the second video has 2.4 million views, and the third (most recent) has 1.5 million views.



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