These Cheese Cupcakes Are Recalled In Singapore

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(UPDATE 7:04 p.m., November 28, 2022: Lemon Square issued its official statement regarding a batch of Lemon Square Cheese Cake that was recalled in Singapore. See the full statement below.) 

Hold that cheese cupcake! According to a news report on Channel News Asia last November 25, Lemon Square Cheese Cakes (Original) were recalled from stores in Singapore because the snack cakes were found to contain more than the country's recommended amount of the preservative sorbic acid. The food advisory was issued by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), the Singapore counterpart of our Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines

The report said that the agency has informed the importer to recall the product as a precaution. 

Here's the full statement of Big E Food Corporation and Lemon Square: 

official statement Lemon Square
This is the official statement of Lemon Square regarding the sorbic acid in their products that were recalled in Singapore.
Photo by Big E Food Corporation

What Is Sorbic Acid? 

The list of ingredients on the back of the Lemon Square package lists "potassium sorbate" as the preservative used in the baked cakes. Potassium sorbate, also known as sorbic acid potassium salt among bakers, is a commonly used ingredient in many baked goods and is sold in bakery supply stores as well as online. This preservative is meant to inhibit the growth of mold and fungi in food, especially cheese, prolonging its shelf life.

What Happens If You Eat It

Sorbic acid, when used as a food preservative, is known as a chemical irritant but is considered to be a "permitted food additive used for preservation purposes", according to the advisory. Despite this, the report noted that eating food with this additive is "unlikely to pose any adverse health effects due to its low toxicity". Those sensitive to the chemical can trigger mild to light allergic reactions that include itching, the news report also said. 

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lemon square cheese cake package ingredients list
This shows the product and the ingredient list of the Lemon Square Cheese Cake package that was recalled in Singapore.
Photo by Singapore Food Agency

A quick look at the SFA advisory issued for the snack cakes reveals that the specific Lemon Square Cheese Cake is a 300-gram-pack bag containing 10 individually packed cakes. It's from Batch 9 and its expiry is March 27, 2023.


The advisory stated that the recall is a precautionary measure, and the products' recall from shelves is currently ongoing in Singapore. 

As of press time, Big E Food Corporation and Lemon Square have complied with SFA's advice to recall the products in Singapore. They also told Yummy that it is currently investigating the incident, pending the official results of their inquiry into the matter. FDA Philippines has not yet issued any statement or advisory regarding this recall. 

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