Get Fresh Benguet Strawberries For As Low As P76 From This Store

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Taking a bite out of a fresh, juicy strawberry does wonders for your soul: they're naturally sweet and tangy after all, and it sure doesn't hurt that they deliver a powerful dose of vitamin C. Though these can be hard to get regularly in Manila, the fruit is thankfully more abundant in the province of Benguet.

Not due for a trip anytime soon? Fret not; that's where The Locale Farm comes in, as the website easily lets you order from farms in Madaymen, Benguet. You'll be helping the farmers out in the process, too.

Get local strawberries from Benguet delivered to your doorstep:

Owned by a group of farmers from Madaymen, The Locale Farm peddles Benguet strawberries, and you've got a couple of options. Get your berries in Assorted Sizes (P76/200-gram solo pack, P740/box of six roughly 250-gram packs) for random snacking, or go for the Large Berries (P99/200-gram solo pack, P839/box of six, roughly 250-gram each per pack) for bigger berries you can use to top desserts.

The Locale Farm, strawberries closeup
Take your pick from the Assorted Sizes and Large Berries options.
PHOTO BY The Locale Farm
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There's more to The Locale Farm than just fresh fruit, though. The initiative also creates clever pantry items out of strawberries, including the Strawberry Habanero Sauce (P155.75/small, P220/big) and Strawberry Vinaigrette (P249). Also in their roster are ampalaya products like the Ampalaya Pickle (P105) and Ampalaya Tea (P179.75); Basil (P199) and Arugula (P189.75) Pestos perfect for stirring into pasta; Real Mayo (P120) for sandwiches; and more. Just add-to-cart and fill up the fields that follow with your contact details; they'll deliver right to you.

The Locale Farm, strawberry habanero sauce
Strawberries add a naturally tangy, subtly sweet tinge to balance out the heat of habanero peppers.
PHOTO BY The Locale Farm
The Locale Farm, ampalaya tea
The Locale Farm also sells Ampalaya Tea...
PHOTO BY The Locale Farm
The Locale Farm, pesto
...And jarred products like pesto.
PHOTO BY The Locale Farm

For orders, visit The Locale Farm's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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