Can You Feed 5 People With A Dish That Costs P100? These Chefs Share Their Recipes!

Kare-kare worth P100? You better believe it.

How much do you think the average family monthly income is for a Filipino family? According to a study by the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2015, an average Pinoy family of five earns P22,000 a month and a huge chunk, 41.5% specifically, is spent on food. With inflation rates constantly going up, allotting P100 per meal for a family seems close to impossible. 

Chef Jac's Fish Soup with Kamote Fruit and Leaves and White Rice recipe.
Photo by Action Against Hunger

Love Food Give Food is a campaign by Action Against Hunger, an organization that helps in developing solutions to malnutrition, which challenges home cooks to create nutritious and delicious meals without going over the daily budget. "We presented this challenge to our partner chefs and they came up with healthy dishes that are within the budget of P100 for 5 persons," says Fundraising and Resource Development Manager Dale Nelson Divinagracia. The recipes will be shared with beneficiary communities so they can prepare nutritious meals and avoid malnutrition. 

TInola and arroz caldo in one? Try Chef Rolando Laudico's Tinola Arroz Caldo with Malunggay Pesto.
Photo by Action Against Hunger
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This campaign works closely with different chefs to achieve the P100 budget for one dish that can serve five people. Chefs Rolando and Jac Laudico of Chef Laudico Guevarra's and OK Cafe are a few of the chefs supporting this campaign. Chef Lau prepared a Tinola Arroz Caldo with Malunggay Pesto while Chef Jac prepare a Fish Soup with Kamote Fruit and Leaves and White Rice. 

We can't believe Chef Goco's Kare-Kare Rice with Binagoongang Tokwa is under P100!
Photo by Action Against Hunger

Love Good Give Food also worked with Chef Chele Gonzales and Chef Carlos Villaflor of Gallery by Chelle to create Chicken Tinola with Fideua, while Chef Robby Goco of Cyma whipped up Kare-Kare Rice with Binagoongang Tokwa.

Curious how to make them for yourself? The recipes accompanied by an easy-to-follow video are available on the official website of Love Food Give Food. "We would like to invite more people to take on the challenge and submit their recipes to us. The submitted recipes will be shared with our beneficiaries during the health, hygiene, and sanitation promotion sessions that we conduct in all our projects," Divinagracia appealed.

For more information, visit Love Food Give Good's official website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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