Lucky Me's New Flavor Is for Mi Goreng Lovers

Or should we say, Lucky Mi Goreng?

IMAGE Roselle Miranda

Whenever you need a quick and easy snack, you can count on instant noodles-it's tasty and gets the job done. A favorite is Lucky Me, and they've been around long enough that everyone has pretty solid memories surrounding the instant pancit canton. We're all familiar with the classic flavors like Chilimansi and Sweet And Spicy, but Lucky Me is switching things up with a new flavor: Mi Goreng.

Photo by Roselle Miranda

The new pancit canton flavor is based on the Indonesian snack mi goreng (fried noodles), which is sold from hawker stalls to high-end restaurants. Lucky Me's Mi Goreng has the punchy sweet-salty flavor the noodle dish is known for. It's extra nostalgic, too, because just this for this variant, Lucky Me brought back the old, curly noodles. This'll do great with a fried egg!

Lucky Me Mi Goreng (P11) is available at select groceries and supermarkets.

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