This NEW Pancit Canton Flavor Is Spicy And Cheesy!

Cheese + spicy noodles!

Have you tried adding cheese to your bowl of ramen? Adding cheese to your noodles with a spicy broth or sauce is an underrated instant noodle hack that elevates the dish. If you want to try this spicy and cheesy flavor combination out, we found a new limited-edition Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili with Cheese sauce in the grocery!

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton has a new limited-edition flavor: Extra Hot Chili with Cheese sauce!
Photo by Majoy Siason-Bascos

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton's new Extra Hot Chili with Cheese sauce flavor is the latest addition to their line of instant noodles. This flavor has more than the usual packet of oil, soy sauce, and flavored powder with bits of dehydrated vegetables. This new flavor has the addition of a packet of cheese sauce that's recommended to be added once the other seasonings have been mixed in with the noodles.

Do you think you can handle the heat? (note: we used two cups of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili with Cheese sauce for this photo)
Photo by Majoy Siason-Bascos
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This noodle does not have a complicated flavor-it is what it is: salty, spicy, and cheesy. The "Extra Hot Chili" seasoning is weakened by the addition of the cheese sauce. For some people who don't have a high tolerance for spicy food or salty food, it would be best to take it easy on the seasonings or pair the noodles with bread or crackers.

The Pancit Canton Extra Hot Chili with Cheese sauce is like a spicy version of your typical mac and cheese, but it uses curly noodles instead of the elbow macaroni. 

Pancit Canton's Extra Hot Chili with Cheese is available at SM Supermarket for P22/cup.

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