Mix And Match Your Favorite Kinds Of Lumpia And Sauce In This 60-Piece Box

You can also get a 30-piece box!

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Lumpia, in its many sweet and savory forms, is one of those dishes you see in almost every setting: A regular dinner at home, a family party, a big office lunch, a packed hotel buffet, the list goes on. The mere sight of this crunchy Pinoy treat always brings about a certain surprise. After all, you can't always tell what delicious fillings lie inside its signature golden brown wrapper. We'd ask you what your favorite is, but we know it's not easy to decide. Instead, allow us to show you how you can get every kind of lumpia your heart so tirelessly desires: Lumpiarito Station's Lumpia Boxes let you mix and match your favorite kinds of lumpia in one big package!


You can get a Lumpia Box with either 30 or 60 pieces depending on how many people you're feeding or how big your household's appetite is. You can choose between a box with just a single flavor or an assorted box with up to three different flavors. Best part? Each kind of lumpia on their menu comes with its own signature dip, so you're sure to get lots of variety in each box. You can choose between the following flavors:

  • Chicken Adobo Crunch Lumpia with Authentic Adobo Sauce
  • Signature Pork Shanghai with Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Cheesy Beef Dynamite Lumpia with Garlic Mayo Aioli
  • 6-Veggies Togue Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce and Vinegar Mix
  • Fried Ubod Veggie Roll with Sweet Garlic Sauce
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If you like to finish off your savory snacks with a sweet dessert, you'll be happy to know that each assorted box also comes with a serving of Sweet Kamote Espesyal Lumpia and Condensed Milk. Prices start at P190 for a 30-piece box and P380 for 60-piece box, but you can check out their full menu and price list online.


Check out some of the trays you can get:


You can order Lumpiarito Station's Lumpia Boxes by sending a message to their Instagram page


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