A New Chinese Chef Brings Cantonese Dishes to Lung Hin at Marco Polo, Ortigas

Cheese baked Tiger Prawns and salt-baked chicken are on the menu!

IMAGE courtesy of Marco Polo Ortigas

Lightly-cooked fresh veggies, meat, and sweet sauces are what makes Cantonese food unique. Dishes which originated from the Guangdong province have a marked sweetness to them and are mostly made up of stews and braised meats. Get to know Cantonese cuisine more as Lung Hin’s new chef, Hong Kong native and cuisine master, Chef Lai Cheuk Kou (also called Chef Terry), brings new dishes to the Ortigas Chinese food hotspot, Lung Hin at the Marco Polo Hotel. 


Dragonfruit with Bird's Nest  


 Steamed Diced Pumpkin


With over 36 years of experience working in various restaurants and hotels around China and Hong Kong, Chef Terry specializes in hot and healthy dishes, like herbal soups and exotic dishes. His signature dishes include Cheese Baked Tiger Prawns, Pan Fried Diced Beef Cubes, Steamed Diced Pumpkin, Marinated Cucumber with Wasabi and Vinegar, Jellyfish, Salt-baked Chicken, and Dragon Fruit with Bird Nest, which are now on Lung Hin’s menu.



Lung Hin is in Marco Polo Ortigas, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Call 720-7777 for reservations.

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