For Only P320, You Can Get This Lechon + Pinakbet + Lumpiang Sariwa Meal

Just because you're craving juicy lechon, doesn't mean you need to pay a huge chunk of your hard-earned money for it. There are affordable options to satisfy your lechon cravings, like Lydia's Lechon's new Bento Meals.

Photo by Facebook/Lydia's Lechon

Lydia's Lechon's Bento Meals are available in three meal sets. Bento Box A has lechon, macaroni salad, buttered beans and carrots, and a hefty serving of rice; Bento Box B also has lechon and rice but the sides are broccoli and buttered corn and carrots.


If you want a side dish that's more like another ulam, too, you should try the Bento Box C. This bento meal has lechon and rice and is served with fresh lumpia and either a serving of pinakbet or chopsuey.

The one thing we love about Lydia's Lechon's Bento Meals-besides the lechon, of course-is the price. Bento Box A, B, and C are all priced at P320 each! If you want to order, you can now order via the Lydia's Lechon website


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