Better To Be Safe Than Sorry: Avoid Buying Ma Ling For Now

Go for other canned meats!

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Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel "Manny" Piñol is leading an investigation to track down an overseas Filipino worker who brought Ma Ling from Hong Kong into the country. The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) is closely monitoring any entry of pork and pork processed products from countries that are affected by the African Swine Fever outbreak. 

The Bureau of Customs recently confiscated canned meatloaf brought in by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). According to a report by CNN Philippines, the OFW complained about the incident to Raffy Tulfo during his radio program. This led to Tulfo speaking ill of the quarantine officers and the confiscated canned meatloaf was then returned to the OFW, breaking quarantine laws. 


In a Facebook post from Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, he shares, "What happened was a serious violation of our Quarantine Laws and I will have to order an investigation. The BAI is under the Department of Agriculture and is on guard against the entry of pork and pork processed products from several countries, including China and Hong Kong, because of the outbreak of the African Swine Fever."

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The African Swine Fever is an incurable disease-it has no cure or vaccine for treatment. People who will violate this rule by bringing in prohibited pork and pork processed products from Romania, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Zambia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, China, Vietnam, and Mongolia can be fined with a P200,000. Piñol is asking the quarantine officers to join forces with the Philippine National Police to track down the OFW who brought the canned goods from Hong Kong to Ilocos.

"Nananawagan po ako sa mga nakakakilala sa OFW na kung maari ay pasabihan na huwag buksan ang mga de lata na Maling. Ito ay dahil kung ang tira-tira na Maling ay maipakain sa mga baboy sa probinsya, maaring kumalat ang African Swine Flu," Piñol says. (I'm calling out to those who know the OFW to tell him to not open the cans of Maling. Because if you feed the scraps of Maling to pigs in the province, the African Swine Flu may spread.)



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