Are You Ready To Try Malunggay Milk Tea?

IMAGE Facebook/Macao Imperial Tea

Milk tea stores are everywhere and there are a lot of unique takes on it. Some go beyond being trendy as they are delicious too. There's the brown sugar milk tea, milk tea with popping boba, and milk tea that are topped with creme brulee or rock salt and cheese foam. One that you may not have tried just yet? Milk tea with malunggay.

Macao Imperial Tea just launched a Malunggay Series in collaboration with M2, a malunggay, okra, and luya concentrate. Four drinks are available for this collaboration: Malunggay Milk Tea, Malunggay Iced Tea, Malunggay Lemon Yakult, and Malunggay Berry Tea. Depending on what you're in the mood for, you'll definitely find one that will fit your craving.

If you're ready to try this out, Macao Imperial Tea's Malunggay Series is available in all Macao Imperial Tea stores nationwide. 


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