The 4th Madrid Fusion Manila Moved To Next Year

The gastronomy event is rescheduled for April 2019.

IMAGE courtesy of Madrid Fusion Manila

Newly-appointed Department of Tourism secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat has decided to move the 4th edition of Madrid Fusión Manila (MFM) to next year.

It was originally scheduled for April this year, but according to a report by the Philippine News Agency (PNA), Romulo-Puyat disclosed that the reason there won’t be an MFM this year is due to the lack of time. There’s a bidding process for it that hasn’t started yet, and that the conclusions could possibly take place by August.

Initially, the gastronomy congress was scheduled for September 25 to 29, and according to the PNA report, she stressed, “I'd rather do it properly, do not rush things up. I've already talked to the organizers abroad, I said we lacked time," she added. "As much as I love Madrid Fusión, and as much as it pains me (to let it go this year), it's my baby, we have to do what is right, let's not push hard for it."

Regardless of the delay, the Madrid Fusión organization have agreed to hold it by April, next year, with more farmers joining the convention.

The Madrid Fusión Manila is a well-known gastronomy event that is annually celebrated here in the Philippines since 2015, and it’s the first and only Madrid Fusión that branched out in Asia.


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