All Your Favorite Pinoy Flavors Are Now in Ice Cream Form

Your summer just got better!

IMAGE Bianca Laxamana

Hold on to your spoons: Magnolia Ice Cream has released new ice cream flavors for summer as part of its Best of The Philippines Ice Cream Collection. So, if you love Pinoy flavors, your taste buds will celebrate because Magnolia has paired two Pinoy flavors into one tub in each of its three new ice cream flavors: 


If you love chocolate and peanut butter, Tablea Yema has the sweet peanut candy yema swirling through a rich, tablea tsokolate ice cream.


Macapuno fans will love the new Macapuno Caramel: sweet strands of macapuno are made into a light textured ice cream with rich, sticky caramel which ripples through the almost sherbet-like ice cream.


Taro White Cheese combines familiar Pinoy favorites: taro (purple "gabi") and white cheese, ("kesong puti"). It's a deliciously light combo of opposite flavors that play off each other, with sweet taro and the slight saltiness of the cheese.



Pinoy flavors are celebrated in icy concoctions that are perfect for this sweltering heat.



Magnolia Ice Cream is available at P250 each at supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. 

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