Do You Miss Pinipig Crunch? We Know Where To Buy One!

Have you tried both flavors?

Remember when summer afternoons meant waiting for the ice cream vendor and finally getting your hands on your favorite ice cream? If you’re missing the icy treats from your childhood (and on the hunt for a delicious, bang-for-your-buck frozen dessert), you can always indulge in Magnolia’s classic Pinipig Crunch.

Which flavor would you choose?
Photo by Bea Faicol

Magnolia’s Pinipig Crunch is an ice cream popsicle that’s coated in a hard shell and dotted with pinipig or crisp puffed rice. Magnolia’s Pinipig Crunch comes in two flavors: the Vanilla Crisp flavor is made with a classic vanilla ice cream popsicle coated in a thick chocolate shell with bits of pinipig, while the Sweet Corn flavor is made with a sweet corn-flavored ice cream popsicle coated in a sweet shell and crunchy pinipig.

Part of the nostalgic Pinipig Crunch experience is biting its chocolate shell, hoping that it won’t fall off from the popsicle stick. Need a delicious trip down memory lane? Grab a few pieces of this summer-perfect treat.

Magnolia’s Pinipig Crunch comes in Vanilla Crisp flavor and Sweet Corn flavor for P15. These are available in Metro Gaisano Supermarket, Robinson’s Supermarket, and Mercury Drug Store.


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