Hooray, More Jollijeeps Will Soon Be Available Via GrabFood!

Home-based businesses will soon be available, too.

IMAGE Dino Alegre Danao

Do you prefer staying in rather than going out? Then do we have good news for you! More Jollijeeps will soon be available through the Grab mobile app. In a report by ABS-CBN News, the digitization of Jollijeeps is tied with the Grab For Good initiative, wherein the company plans to have 5 million micro-entrepreneurs all over Southeast Asia available via GrabFood.

The Grab For Good initiative will transform small business (like home-based businesses!) who want to use Grab to deliver to a wider audience. The company will set up the necessary QR payment system and provide capital financing to aid in making the transition smooth.

Cheryl Goh, Grab's Vice President for Marketing, says, "A very big part of our initiative for Grab For Good in the Philippines is trying to empower small business. One very big initiative that we're doing today is to work with all the Jollijeeps in the Philippines, to help digitize their businesses." 


According to Krhizzy Pasigan, the Public Relations Manager of Grab Philippines, Grab Philippines is aiming to add more Jollijeeps on GrabFood and that more information about the local plans for the Grab For Good initiative will be released later this year. For now, there are only a number of Jollijeeps available via GrabFood. There's Sisig sa Rada, Liempo sa Salcedo, and Kare-Kare sa Valero.

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What other Jollijeeps and home-based business do you want to see on the Grab app? 

For more information, follow Grab Philippines on Facebook and download the Grab app (available for iOS and Android).

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