Making Cocktails This Weekend? Try These Local Liqueurs

Try these locally-made libations for your weekend cocktails.



Infuse your weekend cocktails with tropical fruit flavors from local liqueurs:


Manille Liquer de Dalandan


This citrus digestif can be mixed with soda water, enjoyed on the rocks, and paired with seafood dishes.



Sunflower Mead


The Sunflower Mead is made with honey sourced from bee farms in Laguna and Batangas and infused with the light fragrance of sunflowers. Make a  sweet cocktail out of it, or just enjoy with your choice of tropical fruits.



Paradise Mango Rum

Our world-famous mango is encapsulated into a liqueur with sweet flavors and a kick of rum. How about making a mango mojito?




For the complete list of local liqueurs you can try, check out

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