Davao's Malagos Chocolate Wins Another International Award

This is their 28th international award to date!

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Puentespina Farms, the farm where Malagos Chocolate sources its cacao, is now recognized as home to high-quality Heirloom CacaoCharita Puentespina, who founded the farm in 2003, shared that they are the 16th producer to be given this honor (from all over the world)-and the first ever in the Philippines.

So, what does Heirloom Cacao mean? 

Photo by Malagos Chocolate

The Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) is the award-giving body composed of chocolate industry professionals, chocolate makers, farmers, and chocolate enthusiasts from around the world with a sole objective of preserving the Theobroma cacao trees-which are cacao-bearing trees that produce high-quality and flavorful chocolate.

Getting the award is definitely not a walk in the park. The Trinitario cacao from the Puentespina Farms went through one year's worth of meticulous testing, looking for a specific high-quality flavor profile that should be present and consistent.

Photo by Malagos Chocolate official Facebook

What won the panel of judges over were the Trinitario cacao's light color of the chocolate liquor and the taste of the chocolate which has a pleasant chocolate taste combined with a herbal liquor flavor. Other notable aspects that were pointed out by the panel is that Puentespina's Trinitario cacao beans are fruity, have low acidity level, and melts smoothly inside the mouth.

To celebrate the success, Malagos Chocolate will be releasing a limited-edition bar of Malagos Heirloom Chocolate 72% Dark Chocolate. We're sure the bar of high-quality chocolate is worth treating yourself to!


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