This Leche Flan + Gelato Is The Ultimate Dessert To Satisfy Your Leche Flan Cravings

They have buko pandan and carrot cake flavors, too!

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The holidays are all about llaneras upon llaneras of silky, rich leche flan with a puddle of caramel syrup in the bottom. You definitely can't go wrong with this classic dessert, but if you want to switch it up for Noche Buena, Media Noche, or just because, Manila Creamery has taken this well-loved dessert and made a new holiday flavor: Leche Flan Gelato (P360/pint and P999/half gallon). This leche flan-inspired gelato flavor is made by combining a rich caramel custard gelato with hints of dayap (lime).

Manila Creamery's Buko Pandan Cake Gelato
Photo by Instagram/mnlcreamery

Manila Creamery also launched two other Christmas gelatos. The Buko Pandan Cake gelato (P360/pint and P999/half gallon) is made with a coconut pandan sorbet with bits of pandan tres leches cake and buko strips, while the Carrot Cake gelato (P360/pint and P999/half gallon) is a cream cheese gelato with bits of carrot cake and walnuts.

Manila Creamery's Carrot Cake Gelato
Photo by Instagram/mnlcreamery
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You can order Manila Creamery's Leche Flan, Buko Pandan Cake, and Carrot Cake gelatos via their official website.


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