This Melon Milk-Flavored Gelato Will Take You Back To Your Childhood Days

IMAGE Manila Creamery

Melon milk is one of those nostalgic drinks we remember from childhood. Thankfully, there are still a few existing ones in the supermarkets and there's also a samalamig version that's sold by street food vendors. If you're looking for another source to satisfy your melon milk cravings, Manila Creamery indulges us with its Melon Milk Gelato.

Manila Creamery's Melon Milk Gelato keeps it simple and classic by combining sweet milk and juicy cantaloupe. The taste is reminiscent of the creamy and sweet melon milk we enjoyed drinking back then in the '90s but this time, it's in frozen dessert form which comes at a perfect time now that summer is fast approaching. 

Manila Creamer's Melon Milk Gelato costs P360/pint and P999/half a gallon. To place an order, visit Manila Creamery's official website.


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