Say "Hello" To Cafe Mary Grace's New Banana Dessert Pie

IMAGE Cafe Mary Grace website

When it comes to banana desserts and pastries, you can never go wrong with the likes of turon, banana bread, banana pudding, and, banoffee pie. But if there's more room for a new banana dessert to add to your rotation, you're in luck because Cafe Mary Grace just launched a new dessert pie called Banana Bella.

Cafe Mary Grace's makes this new dessert with a buttery pie crust and then fills it with alternating layers of fresh bananas, Belgian truffle ganache, and rich custard cream which is then topped with a bed of toasted almonds. Banana Bella is quite similar to a banoffee pie in a lot of ways, the only difference is in switching the usual caramel sauce for chocolate instead. 

Ready to dig in? Cafe Mary Grace's Banana Bella costs P1,498 for the whole pie. It's currently on sale, with a 10% discount, via Cafe Mary Grace's website.



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