Wow, This Bun-less Burger Uses Juicy Lechon For Its Buns!

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There's no denying that Filipino food is getting the recognition it rightfully deserves. There are tons of chefs and OFWs who are bringing Pinoy food into the spotlight. One of the many inspiring stories include the Pinoy who earns P800,000 every month selling isaw and other Filipino street food in New York City

In the land down under, there's a restaurant named Mate Burger that serves a fusion of Filipino and American cuisine owned. Mate Burger's been getting a lot of attention for its now-viral Lechon Burger

Photo by Facebook/Mate Burger

Mate's Burger's Lechon Burger uses two beef patties, twice the amount of cheese, pickles, onions, and the restaurant's signature Mate sauce, and then sandwiches it in between over half a kilo of crispy lechon slabs. These bun-less burgers are a summer-special item and are priced at $16 (P817).

They also have other Filipino food on the menu like the Spaghetti with Chicken ($18, P920) which is a meal of Filipino-style spaghetti with fried chicken sprinkled with grated cheese, and the Chicken Adobo Fries ($12, P613) that's made with slow-cooked chicken marinated in adobo sauce, served on top of fries and topped with onions, shallots, chili, crackling, peri-peri, and aioli.

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Photo by Facebook/Mate Burger

For dessert, they have Iced Kendy ($4, P204 per piece), Halo-Halo ($10, P511), and the upgraded version of halo-halo they called Biscoff Halo-Halo ($12, PP613). This is made with shaved ice, milk, Filipino sweets, topped with Biscoff, and Filipino ice cream.

Photo by Facebook/Mate Burger

Know anyone from Australia that might want to try this out? Mate Burger is located at 1B Mount Druitt Road, Mount Druitt, and F78/A 24 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista.


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