Is It Worth It: Maximus Dishwashers That Cost P15,000 Or More

For some, washing the dishes can be considered therapeutic, but for some, it can be extremely exhausting and borderline stressful which is why an appliance such as a dishwasher can be helpful in the kitchen-even if it is expensive and uncommon in Asian households where the person is the dishwasher. 

Since being quarantined at home, there have been a few who invested in a Maximus dishwasher for many reasons, but mainly because we're all stuck at home cooking and eating. For some, it's convenient for their work. In this episode of Is It Worth It, we spoke to three owners of a Maximus dishwasher, each household with a different unit, and asked them if paying P15,000 (cheapest price) for a dishwasher is a good deal. 

IS IT WORTH IT? is a new video series on where we review and find people who tested and tried a new appliance, a new food item, or a food trend. All food items and appliances are reviewed independently without sponsorship.


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