Max’s Fried Chicken Is Now Available In A Sandwich

The sandwich is drizzled with a banana ketchup + Worcestershire sauce combo!

IMAGE Max's Restaurant

Everyone knows Max's Restaurant for their juicy fried chicken. Although we've always instantly pair it with steamed rice and dip it in a mix of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, Max's Restaurant's fried chicken actually started out-way back in 1945-with dinner rolls as its main carb. As a nod to its roots, Max's Restaurant now introduces the Chicken Sandwich (P249) to the original menu.

Photo by Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant's Chicken Sandwich uses a fillet version of their iconic juicy fried chicken and for its flavorful sauce, it sticks to the quintessential Max's Restaurant's fried chicken pairing by drizzling banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce on the tender chicken fillet. For an added crunch, the chicken sandwich is stuffed with pickled cucumbers and shredded cabbage with the chicken fillet patty embraced in between buttery brioche buns. It's even served with sweet potato fries and garlic mayo dip on the side to make it extra, extra filling!

Max's Restaurant's Chicken Sandwich is now available in all of Max's Restaurant branches. For more information, follow Max's Restaurant on Facebook.

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