These Rice Bowls Are Perfect For Meatless Meals

Extra rice? Yes, please!

If your definition of comfort food includes tasty Filipino ulam over a serving of white, fluffy rice, then you’ll find food paradise with Max’s four new Rice Bowls: Seafood Kare-Kare, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Chopsuey, and Spicy Tofu.

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Plus, they have mango pandan ensaymada!

Max's new rice bowls should be your go-to meal if you're having a meatless diet for Lent!
Photo by Max's

Max’s Seafood Kare-Kare Rice Bowl (P273.90) is a combo of tender shrimp, squid, and fish slow-cooked in a thick and creamy peanut sauce with an array of veggies. Just like any Kare-Kare dish, each bite is best paired with a bit of bagoong. If you want something with more straightforward flavors, the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice Bowl (P163.90) has breaded cream dory swimming in a pool of thick sweet and sour sauce with red and green bell pepper strips.

If you’re looking for a healthy and light meal, the Chopsuey Rice Bowl (P185.90) is a mixture of sautéed fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, chicken liver, and gizzard. If you like your meals a bit hot and spicy, you’ll enjoy Max’s famous Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl (P185.90) which is topped with cubes of deep-fried tofu coated in a spicy mayonnaise base, served with a sunny-side-up egg and sprinkled with chopped chilies.


Our tip to make your rice bowl-of-choice extra flavorful? Upgrade your cup of rice to garlic fried rice, java rice, or Shanghai rice for an additional P27.50. 

Max’s Rice Bowls are available in all Max’s restaurants and through their official website. For more information, follow Max's on Facebook and Instagram.


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Don't forget the ketchup-and-Worcestershire sauce on the side!

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Your favorite fried chicken is easy to recreate at home.

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