We Found McDonald's Ketchup, Peter Luger Steak Sauce in the Grocery!

These sauces and condiments are great for home use!


New grocery finds are always exciting-especially when you find a brand or item that you've been looking for tirelessly! If you are someone who loves condiments, keep an eye out for these specialty items. 


1  Nando's Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Nando's is a well-known restaurant chain with a Portugese-themed menu (they're in around 30 countries). Their spiced roast chicken is their best-seller because of the dish's vibrant flavor and use of spices. Customers also love their many choices of sauces that they can have with their chicken: try their Peri Peri Hot Sauce, which we found in Makati Supermarket and Rustan's Supermarket branches! The sauce is made with African bird's eye chilli peppers.


2  McDonald's Ketchup

Since McDonald's parted with long-time ketchup supplier Heinz several years ago, they've produced and branded their own version. If you pop into any Robinson's or SM supermarket today, you'll be able to grab a bottle of it for use at home! French fries, anyone?



3  Peter Luger Steak Sauce

New York's Peter Luger steak houses are known for the dry-aged steaks that they serve. Part restaurant and part butcher shop, the steak house takes pride in their quality products, including their steak sauce! Find a bottle at Hi-Top Supermarket.




Main images for Nando's hot sauce and Peter Luger steak sauce courtesy of Amazon. 

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